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There is nothing better than to step on a perfect lawn. Our team is highly trained to be able to provide the best lawn our customers can get. From attenading Rutgers. Certification courses to hands on training, Refined will help you restore, and keep your lawn how it should be; by using our credentials, years of experience and. licenses. Our lawn care services is beyond any customer can get for their value.  Refined will customize and monitor your lawn every season from start to finish.



Lawn Care Services


○ Weekly and Bi-Weekly Lawn Maintenance. Lawn Mowing Services. Grass detaching, Aeration, Lawn Fertilizer, Pre-Emergents, Post-Emergents, Insecticides, Fungicides, Grub Control, Soil Testing, Spot Seeding and many more! (organic preferences are also available)

Lawn Care


Taking the utmost care of our trees are one of our priorities. At Refined, we encourage and guide our customers to start helping our environment with proper tree care techniques. From keeping a healthy tree to removing a hazardous tree, Refined is always equipped to handle your tree care needs.



Tree Care Services

○ Tree Removal
○ Stump Grinding
○ Root Grinding
○ Healthy Pruning
○ Deep Root Fertilization
○ Winter Covering and Winterizing

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Tree Care
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Whether you want to maintain your garden taken care off weekly, bi weekly and or monthly, Refined provides superior ornamental care by knowing what type of plants each customer has and schedules exclusively service dates related to your garden.


Ornamental Care Services:

○ Seasonal pruning/trimming on all shrubs, hedges, trees under 10ft.
○ Health and disease plant diagnosis
○ Diseased care and removal
○ Winter covering and protection

Ornamental Care


Our landscape firm has always been excited when it comes to planting new plants, shrubs and trees for its customer and or designing new gardens. Refined can handle all your garden needs from design to full installation with proper care. All plantings are guaranteed for one year!!!



Planting Services:

○ Garden Design
○ Strategic planting location and environment selection.
○ Plant delivery and installation
○ Full transplanting on site or offsite

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Nothing is better than getting ready for holidays or preparing your outdoor space after a long cold winter! That is why Refined offers seasonal care and holiday coloring! Our goal is to make your property appeal the best on the block!



Seasonal Care & Holiday Coloring Services:

○ Spring and Fall Clean-Ups
○ All 4 seasons coloring
○ Before & After event property Clean-Ups

○ Holiday Decoration (4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

Seasonal Care & Holiday Coloring


At Refined we offer many services that consist on helping customers get either their project done by themselves or we do it for them. From 1 to 100 yards or more we deliver and install a variety of products!



Bulk Product Delivery & Installation Services

○ Top Soil
○ Soil amendments (peat moss)
○ Mulch (Red, Brown, Black and more!)
○ Gravel & River Stone (all sizes)
○ Sod (all types of sod)

bulk product delivery and installation.j
Bulk Product Delivery & Installation


Owning a property with a very appealing outdoor space, can help you in many ways. Apart from all the benefits, a well established and designed outdoor living area, it can also help you increase the value of your property! Your outer space is there for you to enjoy, have a good time and sometimes even escape from every days distraction and hard work.

Hardscape services, Landscape construction, Paver patios, retaining walls, landscape lighting, excavation and more

Landscape & Hardscape Design and Installation Services

○ Paver patios, driveways, walkways
○ Blue and natural stone patios
○ Concrete sidewalks and curbs
○ Belgium blocks
○ Retaining and garden walls
○ Landscape Lighting
○ Koi Ponds
○ Pool Decks
○ Natural rock walls and steps
○ Basketball Courts (turf and concrete)
○ Vegetable gardens
○ Soil grading
○ Storm water drainage (basement waterproofing inside & out)

Landscape/Hardscape Design and Installation
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At Refined, we truly value the risks that commercial and government agencies face when inclement weather approaches our properties. From snow, ice and wintery mix storms; Refined has over 10 years of experience ready to serve any towns, commercial buildings, HOA’s, Condominiums, Retail and many more!



Snow and Ice Management Services

○ Snow plowing, removal, hauling, shoveling
○ Front loader
○ Salting application
○ Ice Control
○ Emergency snow removal

Snow and Ice Management
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